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Practical Investigation

Pre-order market research before new product development

New supplier search, new product promotion plan formulation, new product promotion (online live broadcast, online celebrity delivery, Baidu 360 Douyin WeChat promotion, etc., offline roadshows, shopping mall event organization, professional customer seminars, distributor fairs, etc. ), competitive product survey, key customer survey, product satisfaction survey (online/offline), customer service tracking survey, professional maintenance of key customers, etc.

Investigation of all stages of the product life cycle
Investigation of all stages of the product life cycle
Thorough control of competitors can formulate effective market strategies

Demand planning: existing market research, market research of new product development direction

Program discussion: New product cost and supply chain comparison, product advantage comparison analysis

Development and realization: functional testing, target customers looking for trial

Testing: product comparison testing of leading companies, target customers and market evaluation feedback

Bulk listing: new product promotion, major customer recommendation meetings, new product launches, roadshows, endorsement recommendations, advertising

Operation: major customer public relations, market monitoring, competitive product investigation, customer maintenance, etc.
Iteration: customer satisfaction survey, supplier recommendation, cost survey, channel survey, etc.
Delisting: user evaluation, after-sales cost survey, after-sales outsourcing, alternative design, etc.



- 在产品质量管理方面,找不到令人放心的供应商

- 购买价格高,无法削减成本

- 无法实现完全的内制化