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Practical Investigation

The biggest feature of Shanghai Haokun’s market research business is practicality, so it is called “practical research”.

The ultimate goal of the customer is usually positioned to increase market share, reduce costs, build a new company system, establish a company brand, and so on. In order to achieve these goals of our customers, we will provide a series of targeted services: from the initial survey design, on-site investigation, report submission to follow-up after the report, these are Shanghai Hao Kun's strengths.

Competitor field investigation
Competitor channel survey
Thorough control of competitors can formulate effective market strategies

What kind of channels have competitors built and how are they managed? Where is the competitor's key sales area? What is the current trend of this industry in the Chinese market? It is not easy to grasp this information correctly in the Chinese market.

However, if you do not grasp this information in time, you will not be able to formulate an effective competitive strategy, and you may be at a disadvantage in market competition.

Shanghai Haokun’s channel survey will solve these problems for you. It will analyze multiple participants in the competitors’ sales channels in a multi-faceted manner, and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ channels.

Competitor cost composition survey
One of the strategies to effectively increase profits is to effectively reduce production costs

In order to achieve the goal of "increasing profits in the Chinese market", it is necessary to localize the supply of parts and components as much as possible. But on the other hand,

- In terms of product quality management, no reassuring supplier can be found

- High purchase price, unable to cut costs

- Can't achieve complete internalization

There are also many companies that have similar troubles.

Shanghai Haokun’s competitor cost structure survey is to provide you with a fundamental solution to this problem.