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Consumer Survey

Consumer survey service content: offline questionnaire survey, online questionnaire survey, third-party APP (WeChat, Douyin, etc.) customer survey

The purpose of consumer surveys is to understand the number and structure of consumer demand, as well as changes in buying behavior and buying psychology. And then make strategic adjustments to the target products in different life cycles, realize the optimization of profits, and achieve the strategic goals of the enterprise.

Consumer market research steps
Consumer market research
A thorough grasp of the consumer market can make an effective market strategy

I、Preparation Stage

1.Determine the purpose of the survey
2.Analyze the research situation
3.Design survey papers, draft survey plans and work plans
4.Establish an investigation organization, concentrate investigators, organize learning or training

II、Implementation Phase

1.Organize investigators to collect second-hand information
2.Determine the survey unit and collect first-hand information

III、Data Analysis Stage

1.Organize survey data
2.Write investigation report

IV、Tracking feedback stage

Consumer market research experience
Make strategic adjustments to target products in different life cycles to optimize profits

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